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Once upon a time, an intrepid soul known as pizza-omelette shat out this masterpiece: 



From this single comic, a new art form was born. It spawned an entire community of artists and connoisseurs alike, all now awaiting the glorious day on which a comic is created to rival the perfection of the original. Sadly, that day has not yet come - but the slew of artists trudges tirelessly on, never resting in their noble attempt to bring the contexts of gifs to light. I happen to be one of those artists. While my scope is sadly limited, and many gifs remain yet unexplained, there are many other artists like myself over at /r/behindthegifs who are dedicated to solving these mysteries! If you ever get bored with my comics (or have read them all already), you should go check it out!

AC Stuart (AKA NoobTheLoser) is a fellow artist who also happens to be really good at explaining gifs. He's drawn way more of these things than I have! If you want to see some of his old ones, check them out on his blog here. I'm also collaborating with him on a Behind the GIFs series on WEBTOON, which is kind of a big deal. You should check that out if you want to see some of his newer comics!

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