All Cats Are

Here, have a surprise extra comic this week. I tried my best to express my feelings about this in my own style, but unfortunately, no metaphor is perfect. 

From an artist who doesn't make a habit of delving too deep into politics, this may be construed as a bit of a spicy take by some people (although it really shouldn't be.) . However, this is something that cannot be ignored. And after some particularly disappointing and ignorant comments on a recent instagram post of mine addressing the matter, I felt it deserved some extra attention. 

I do not think all cops are inherently bad people. Massive respect to the kind and just individuals out there who genuinely want to protect people. However, I do not condone an institution in which racism runs rampant, and brutality is allowed to happen with zero accountability. We can't continue to look away while black citizens are murdered.
There absolutely is a problem here, and we can and must do better. 

Even if you're not on the front lines protesting, there are plenty of things you can do to help. Call up your local representatives to talk about police reform/abolition, donate to charities helping the protesters and the victims of police brutality, and amplify black voices. To learn more about things you can do and places you can donate, please visit this link here.

Refuse to be silent until things change. 

Edit: If you haven't seen it, this John Oliver video explains the situation pretty well. Please consider giving it a watch if you don't understand what is wrong with our police force.


Mon, 06/08/2020 - 13:24